The Wedding Bus - Digital Print

45 GBP

This is a limited edition Digital A4 print on watercolour paper of an original painting by Cathy Read. Edition size 150.

The original was created in January 2016. In October 2015 I was wandering around looking for inspiration. Leaving the tube station at Green Park near the Ritz I was on the lookout. I spotted the bikes and moved around to get a better angle. The bikes were close to a tourist bus stop, so I took a few pictures of those first.
Then I spotted the Wedding buses, there were 3.
I lined up to take the shot.

  1. The first I mistimed,
  2. The second was blurred streaks,
  3. Finally, I managed to get a still blurry but “good enough” composition.
Ah, the beauty of painting! Images can be sharpened!

The print is sold unframed but mounted with a certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.