The Wedding Bus

577 GBP

In October I was wandering around looking for inspiration. Leaving the tube station at Green Park near the Ritz I was on the lookout. I spotted the bikes and moved around to get a better angle. The bikes were close to a tourist bus stop, so I took a few pictures of those first.
Then I spotted the Wedding buses, there were 3.
I lined up to take the shot.

  1. The first I mistimed,
  2. The second was blurred streaks,
  3. Finally, I managed to get a still blurry but “good enough” composition.
Ah, the beauty of painting! Images can be sharpened!

Created in 2016, the picture is 50cm wide by 40 cm high, actual image 49cm x 39cm.
Framing - The Wedding Bus is sold framed - White frame with double matt off white and dark grey

The picture is painted on watercolour paper. I start off with a detailed pencil drawing. I then draw over the lines with masking fluid before painting it with a watercolour wash which gets covered with clingfilm. Once this is removed the picture is further developed using acrylic inks which are left to dry before the masking is removed to reveal the final picture. (See the last photo)
You can see the full creation with images in my blog post