Parliament at Night

577 GBP

An original painting "Parliament at Night" in watercolour and acrylic ink on textured watercolour paper.

Framing Parliament at Night is sold framed - White frame with double matt off white and dark grey

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben are arguably the most iconic features of London. This view is from the London Eye looking down on the building. The image used was taken at dusk when the light was failing and the sky dramatic. The orange glow against the stone makes the structure glow as if it were on fire.

The picture is painted on watercolour paper. I start off with a detailed pencil drawing. I then draw over the lines with masking fluid before painting it with a watercolour wash which gets covered with clingfilm. Once this is removed the picture is further developed using acrylic inks which are left to dry before the masking is removed to reveal the final picture.