London Icons Embellished Limited Edition Print

200 GBP

This is Limited Edition Giclee Print of the Original Painting "London Icons" by Cathy Read.  Each of the 5 prints in the edition has been hand embellished with Gold leaf by the artist and all are different.

Big Ben is probably THE image people imagine when you mention London, so why did it take me so long to get around to doing a detailed picture of it? Probably because it is so iconic that it's image is everywhere. There is nothing quite like seeing the recently renamed Elizabeth Tower close up in reality. Photographs rarely do it justice. You can see a video of the painting being created on my Youtube channel.

Still, I could not resist, and here it is. I was trying to come up with an original composition, tricky to do, if at all. This is the first time I've used gold leaf in a painting, and I think it worked well. Captures the way the real thing glitters.

All copyrights are retained by the artist, and that the artwork cannot be reproduced without consent from Cathy Read.

This is a giclee Print Copy which has been embellished with gold leaf by the artist. The original picture was initially drawn with pencil onto watercolour paper. These lines were then drawn over using masking fluid and then painted using watercolour paint and acrylic ink. Gold leaf was applied. Salt was also used in the process and some of the ink blown around using a straw. Once the painting was dry the masking fluid was removed to reveal the finished painting. The original was created in England in 2016.
This print is on watercolour paper and is 45.2cm high x 33cm wide.