HMS Belfast - Reproduction Giclee Print

107 GBP

A limited edition A3 Reproduction giclee print of an original painting of the HMS Belfast by Cathy S R Read. The print is signed and numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity. The print can be mounted if required.

About the image:

HMS Belfast is an impressive sight.

I was naturally drawn to its elegance, and the chains. Floating on the Thames it’s now a museum. A popular attraction it has a serene elegance despite its lethal abilities. Even though it has been decommissioned, those guns still hint of menace.

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This is a giclee print copy. The original HMS Belfast picture was painted on watercolour paper in 2013. After an initial pencil sketch, lines were then drawn over using masking fluid and then painted using watercolour paint and acrylic ink. Salt was also used in the process and some of the ink blown around using a straw. Once the painting was dry the masking fluid was removed to reveal the finished painting. The print is on A3 watercolour paper.

Edition size 150