Hidden Shard

180 GBP

Some buildings can be seen anywhere, especially The Shard. Despite all attempts to hide from the Shard wherever you go in London you can see it,
You can walk down the street with the Shard in plain view, the next it’s hidden behind something.

The density of buildings in a city means tall buildings, which may be easily visible from afar, are difficult to see when close too. It’s all to do with relative heights, a familiar trick of perspective. Which is why it’s so easy to be looking for something large but not be able to see it until you turn a corner or pass a gap and “suddenly” There it is!

It happens often and with this painting I wanted to capture that moment of discovery. When you walk, or drive around a place you will make similar discoveries, if you open your eyes. Finding the unexpected and beautiful is one of the joys of life.

It’s easy to wander around oblivious to your surroundings but these little moments of discovery and wonder are a delight which should be savoured. If you can appreciate the little things in life then the big things are all the more valued.

The painting is done with watercolour and acrylic ink in Cathy Read's distinctive style which is created by drawing with masking fluid and then painting over the masking.
The painting is A4 and framed in an oak frame.