British Museum - digital Print

45 GBP

A limited edition A4 Digital print of an original painting of the British Museum by Cathy S R Read. The print is signed and numbered, with a white mount and include a certificate of authenticity.

About the image:
I have something of an obsession with the atrium roof of the British Museum, and its roof lends itself to my painting style. This is my forth version and one of my favourites. I love the light it gives and this version reflects the delicacy of the roof structure. I often think the blown ink lines are the energy escaping from a building. Like a life force leaking out.

This is a digital print copy. The original British Museum picture was painted on watercolour pape in 2013. After an initial pencil sketch, lines were then drawn over using masking fluid and then painted using watercolour paint and acrylic ink. Salt was also used in the process and some of the ink blown around using a straw. Once the painting was dry the masking fluid was removed to reveal the finished painting. The print is on A4 watercolour paper.

Edition size 150