Barbican - Defender of the Arts

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You can’t ignore The Barbican Arts Centre

Love or hate it, sometimes you wonder what inspires a building? Take the Barbican, it classes as brutalist architecture but where did the ideas come from?

A conglomeration of diverse structures, it has a remarkable similarity to a rabbit warren. You can see where you need to go, but it isn’t always immediately obvious how to get there. Nonetheless it’s an impressive structure.

The lakeside terrace is overlooked by concrete structures. Which remind me of the pill boxes constructed during the second world war as part of the defence of the nation.

The Barbican Arts Centre has a reputation for cutting edge arts and these pill boxes got me thinking…

What could they be defending?

Well the answer is obviously the Arts but what would pill boxes use to defend the arts?

Perhaps an assault of Music, a Soliloquy, a painting, or a coreographed battle?

Whatever the Barbican Art Centre uses in the defence of the Arts with that architecture it won’t fade into the background.

The Barbican- Defender of the Arts  is sold unframed,  please contact me if you would like me to arrange framing for you.

The Barbican- Defender of the Arts is part of the 30 day Painting tour of London.

The picture is painted on watercolour paper. I start off with a detailed pencil drawing. I then draw over the lines with masking fluid before painting it with a watercolour wash which gets covered with clingfilm. Once this is removed the picture is further developed using acrylic inks which are left to dry before the masking is removed to reveal the final picture.